Open Minds. Open Hearts. Open Homes.

FAM, the Foster Adoptive Mission, is a community collaborative of regional organizations dedicated to placing children in safe, nurturing homes across Connecticut. In 1997, FAM began as part of a statewide initiative conceived by the CT Department of Children and Families to help identify the unmet needs of foster families. This initiative quickly grew into a vehicle that provided a unique opportunity for regional child welfare providers and other concerned citizens to collaborate and share resources and ideas aimed at supporting and recruiting foster and adoptive families. Today, there are five regional community collaboratives for foster care and adoption in CT. Each regional collaborative functions independently although all act in partnership with each other for statewide initiatives. Additionally, over the course of a number of years, our funding sources have changed. Now most of our funding comes directly from the Department of Children and Families through our fiduciary, Advanced Behavioral Health..

Today, FAM partners with independent, non-profit child-placing agencies, the CT Department of Children and Families, other family service organizations, corporate partners, as well as community leaders in foster care and adoption to identify new family resources for CT’s children in care. Resources are identified by conducting Open Houses in towns in our region as well as by FAM’s attendance at community events. We also assist agencies to support current foster and adoptive families by staging events designed to promote family fun and cultural sensitivity. FAM also sponsors an annual scholarship dedicated to the memory of Kay Wyrick given out to a graduating high school senior of color who is currently, or was, in the CT foster care system.

FAM needs more patient, responsible, loving adults to help foster children and youth succeed in life. Consider becoming a foster or adoptive parent, a mentor, or a respite provider. Do it for the kids. Do it for yourself. Do it to make a difference. You will be giving the gift of family to a deserving child or youth. FAM is here to help you make that difference.