“…we know we have made a difference in their lives by simply providing them love.”

We have been married for thirty nine years, we have four children and twelve grandchildren. We decided that we wanted to fulfill our lives on a deeper level while making a difference in the world at the same time. When our son adopted his little boy it was then we realized our calling was to provide a safe and loving home for children who were abused and neglected. In March 2003 we became licensed foster parents and since that time we have had several children enter our home and our hearts. The road traveled with many of the children can be challenging but the rewards are fantastic when we know we have made a difference in their lives by simply providing them love…something no child should ever be without.

Pete and Jeannette Kulinski
Waterbury, CT

“…have truly enjoyed”

We have been foster parents for the past 8 year. It has been a challenging but very rewarding experience. We have truly enjoyed having the opportunity to welcome these children into our homes as well as our hearts!

Katie & Frank DelVecchio
Beacon Falls, CT

“…has brought so much joy into our family.”

After working with DCF in a professional capacity, I could no longer stand by and watch another child disrupt from her foster home, or not become adopted. My husband Doug and I, along with our daughters Alana and Hannah became licensed as a Foster Home. We chose to become a legal risk home and before we knew it, Monica came into our lives. She has brought so much joy into our family. She is five years old now and I will never forget the day she was put into my arms. Since Monica, we have taken in a 19 year old young lady who grew up in foster care and had nowhere to go after coming home from college. We love helping these kids and I hope we can be a resource to many more.

Laurie, Doug, Alana, Hannah and Monica Reisman
Waterbury, CT