NY Times article dated December 28, 2008: Giving Back: Foster Mother Gives Teenagers a ‘Safe Place to Grow Up’

NY Times article dated January 27, 2009: Crack Babies – The Epidemic that Wasn’t

NY Times article dated April 7, 2009: Too Old For Foster Care and Facing the Recession

NY Times article dated July 22, 2009: The Battle Over a Baby – story of gay foster parents fighting to adopt a foster child in their care.

CASA – Court Appointed Special Advocates – pdf file available of 2008 Foster Youth Focus Groups Report – Adoption Language: Promoting A Positive Image

Possum Trot Families Open Hearts and Homes: article and video from ABC News about a single Texas church where families  adopted 72 children from foster care.

NY Times article dated November 5, 2010: As H.I.V. Babies Come of Age, Problems Linger